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STYDIA AU (MEDIA EDITION): Stiles Stilinski is the only child of the United States President, and Lydia Martin is the heiress to a major international conglomerate. When they cross paths, sparks fly and they begin to spend a lot more time together; quickly becoming one of America’s most talked about couples. However, the media can never get a straight answer from either of them, or any of their close friends, about their relationship status.

Inspired by this post and created for obrienswrites.

Love is


Love is Jealous


Love is Patient 


Love is Helpless


Love is Hopeful


Love is Selfless


Love is Selfish


Love is Blind


Love is Kind


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They are all OKAY.


“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.” 


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Five episodes - [2/5]


“They’re never gonna find you.”

dark!Stydia AU (kind of) ➳ in which ever since Lydia has been kidnapped by Nogitsune, her mind has been under his control. Season four, including Allison’s death, was a psychological torture inflicted by him to feed on her pain and grow more powerful.

Favourite On Screen Relationships: Mary Stuart & Lady Kenna ( Reign)

"Since when do you care about the Queen?”

"I don’t. I care about you."


I just love how Stiles is so sure about what he’s saying and Lydia’s all like “Babe, no. That’s stupid.” This is marriage problem shit you guys.


S t i l e s  +  L y d i a  // 4x01

#to be honest #i’m still not over the first 60 seconds of the season 4 premiere #and this moment between stiles and lydia #because this is stiles and lydia bickering on their honeymoon #lost somewhere in mexico #and even though they have no idea where they’re going #stiles smiles to himself #thinking #my 15 year plan worked #i got the girl