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"I was doing kind of a racy scene with Toby. One of the Canadian politicians there, a female premier, was visiting set, and just happened to be on set while we were doing this racy scene. She brought kids with her and stuff, and they had to be turned around. It was just SO funny. We were like, “Hi!” She came on to shake our hands and I was like re-dressing, putting my bodice over my corset and pulling my skirt back up. Like, “Hi, nice to meet you.” So awkward." - Adelaide Kane (x)


God save us all. *


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"sometimes there’s other things you wouldn’t think that would be a good combination, that turn out to be like the perfect combination. Like, two people together, that no one ever thought would be together…"


I just can’t get over Stydia. Their relationship is such a thing. Look at how the fans are crying when there is zero interaction. Jeff Davis OPEN YOUR EYES. Malia Tate is a great character; But Malia Tate isn’t Stydia. Stydia is legendary. Sorry not sorry. I need my daily-stydia-shot. - even you you’re not okay with love triangles - FACE IT JEFF DAVIS. You. Ship. Stydia.

Theo James, Douglas Booth and George MacKay for GQ Magazine (x)